Chilli Fiends is a website dedicated to the world of chillies – we aim to bring you reviews from the chilli artisans, events and news.

Our team all do this as volunteers all of whom previously wrote for The Chile Foundry.

If you would like to contact us for news or reviews, please email: info@chillifiends.com, follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook or use the form below.

Marty Greenwell


Editor of Chilli Fiends – Photographer, gamer, biker, preacher to the unconverted of the world of hot and an all-round Spice guy.

John and Sianne


The Shepsters – have always been “foodies”, with a particular fondness for world foods which give the opportunity to try new flavours.

John enjoys the growing side of the chilli scene, as well as smothering every possible foodstuff with hot sauce, while Sianne’s interests lie more in the culinary uses of both the pods and chilli products of all kinds.

Lady C’in

Lover of the spicy side of life, Lady C’in has been into the scene for the past 7 years. Growing, eating, making, buying, visiting; you name it, she’s there.  From mild to wild she’ll be the fiery redhead to deliver.

Clare Cameron


My interest in chillies began when I left home and moved to university, I started eating more takeaways and kept challenging myself to order hotter and hotter dishes. I wanted to trying cooking with chillies so worked my way up trying nagas and extract based sauces.
I started entering competitions, growing my own superhot chillies and attending festivals/events I really love being part of the chilli world and have met some wonderful people because of it. If I had to choose I would say my favourite chilli is the naga morich and my favourite type of sauces are habanero non extract.

David ‘Norn Iron Man’ Kelly

chilliavatarMy enthusiasm for all things chilli developed over a period of time through my appreciation of Indian cuisine – authentic, street food and British Indian Restaurant (BIR) style. Over the years I’ve become hooked on the chilli ‘buzz’ and nowadays I find it hard to eat food stuffs without some kind of chilli accompaniment – otherwise things just taste so … bland.

James Fowkes

James Chilli Fiends Pic

Its not just about finding the hottest pepper for me, if you want heat its easy to find and not too hard to make. I am a complete foodie and appreciate the full taste experience and balance of flavours, as well as that endorphin rush from a good chilli hit!

My love of chilli and travel has led me to some interesting places and awesome hot sauce discoveries. I have spent two months living in Mexico tasting chillies as part of my fascination and fondness for Mexican food and culture, including good tequila! Travelling across South East Asia, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, has further introduced me to new different chilli varieties, great hot sauces and a wealth of spicy cuisine, influencing my own home cooking.

As a result, my regular chilli stash has representation from many small UK producers and well as several international and authentic Mexican products. I have also been very lucky to be involved in pre-launch hot sauce tasting and product design for a few producers too.

My chilli obsession continues to grow in this wonderful community. I look forward to continuing reviewing as part of Chilli Fiends. You can also follow me on twitter @jamopepper

Tony ‘Darth Naga’ Ainsworth

Darth Naga 

Professional Hot Sauce Stuntman, Hot Food Critic, Gentleman and Scholar. 

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