UK Dips Trio of Chilli Pastes Review

Review by James Fowkes – products kindly supplied by UK Dips

UK dips are a new family run business. All their products are made from authentic recipes with raw ingredients sourced from local markets. There is real love in these products with time taken to allow them to mature before letting them loose on the market.

Check out their website and you will find their description

“Try something that will get your taste buds watering with Dips. We provide the finest ingredients to create our mouth watering dips. With a range of flavours you are guaranteed you will have made the right choice to choose Dips’.”

Immediately you will notice they innovative use of packaging. I have to mention it because I’m certain others will think of it too, but the only other place I have seen this packaging used is in hand sanitizers. When this package arrived I was quite puzzled before I opened it what it could be. I flip between thinking this a great idea and also wondering if jars would be easier, but I do love the idea.

Base Ingredients: Garlic, chilli powder, spring water, salt, olive oil and lemon dips

There are three garlic chilli pastes, mild, medium and extra hot extra to the base ingredients in this trio you have a variation in chilli giving you the different taste experiences. The Mild has Kashmiri – Medium Kashmiri and Aji and finally Extra Hot Aji and Naga. I was tentatively warned by the friendly team over at @ukdips that their products weren’t going to be hot. But despite being a chilli head like many others reading this something doesn’t have to be hot to be tasty!

Opening first the mild paste you immediately get the unmistakable smell of garlic, deciding to try all at once to compare them I pop the cap on each dip and the same garlic smell greets your senses. There is no discernible hint of chilli that I can make out in the aroma, and from the simple ingredient list I’m not expecting to complex a taste experience. Taking the mild paste first, I have to note that I think the Kashmiri chilli is great in cooking but perhaps under-used in the hot sauce world as it has a wonderful interesting flavour bringing character to many dishes. The texture of the paste was, well like a paste. Using the plastic bottle to squeeze out of the small hole was a bit challenging to get a decent portion so I had to remove the cap to get a sample. Combining these chillies into a paste you can’t go too far wrong and for the mild through to the extra hot you won’t be disappointed with the flavours. Perhaps I would change the label on the extra hot to just hot and maybe add in a forth to the range with the extra hot stamp and a real kick to it. That said, for the general public these are labelled perfectly and should go down well at markets and foodie fairs

This range of chilli garlic pastes could be used in a host of ways to add some real flavour and heat to dips and food. Go for that instant hit and add to a sandwich or forget the boring store bought dips and create your own with yoghurts and a stirring in a combination of these pastes. Why not marinade or with mayonnaise and ketchup to make chilli aioli or a garlic chilli ketchup. Where these pastes will come into their own though, is as part of cooking. Here the flavours will be released and combined with the convenience of being instantly within your grasp to add impressive flavour these could be a real winner. Use them and experiment and let @ukdips know about your creations on twitter

The products don’t need refrigeration and officially last for one year. Personally I would still keep them in the fridge if you have space but be safe in the knowledge that you can take them out and travel with them. Ever been caught at a festival or holiday for example and there is no decent hot sauce there. Reach for your trusty spicy dip and there you have it, instant hit.

I am also interested in their Preserved Lemon Chutney which I noticed on their site too, I haven’t tried something like this before and I know they have many future creations in mind to expand their range

At £3.99 each this feels a little expensive to me compared to the price of a larger hot sauce most of us are used to purchasing. However these are pastes not sauces so often go for a higher rate. I say give this company a chance, they are friendly, nice creative and tasty. They are at the beginning of their journey and have a different approach to many other producers that could grow into something interesting.

Flavour 6/10
Heat 2 to 5/10
Packaging 7/10
Value 5/10
Overall 6/10

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