Lily’s Chillies Lemon and Tarragon Jelly Review

Review by Lady C’In – Jar provided by Lily’s Chillies

Lily’s Chillies need no introduction. A well-known family company with an outstanding attitude and fabulous reputation for some fantastic award winning products, including this one, winning the Great Taste Awards in 2013!

This chilli jelly, sitting in a squared 220g jar, a rather deep yellow jelly holds some delicious looking flesh and tarragon inside. The bits just sit stationary in the middle of this beautifully clear jelly. The label is in the lovely designed simple manner which they are known for, with the front label being bordered with the very light mint green colour to give an idea of what may be inside. This fits in well with their other products, keeping everything very uniform. The jar advertises that this jelly is one chilli hot.

It smells incredible. The light sweet apple scent is enhanced by a rather soft minty type smell from the tarragon. You get a touch of Habanero heat from the aroma but this is very fleeting.

Ingredients: Bramley Apples (40%), Sugar, Lemons (4%), Tarragon (4%), Habanero Chillies (1%).

Lemon & Tarragon

The consistency on the spoon is smooth and a little runnier in places than other jellies I have tried from them. There are some parts which seem stickier than others. On the tongue it is smooth with the tarragon pieces adding a little bit of texture.  I get an almost overwhelming sweet sensation from the sugar and apples. The tarragon pieces really have permeated the whole of the jelly and it is a rather powerful flavour in this jelly. It is the only part I can taste fully.

I am also struggling to taste any of the habanero, but the more jelly I eat, the more you realise it is there as it is slowly creeping its way in and letting you know that it’s hanging around in the back keeping you warm. I was going to say that I couldn’t find any hint of lemon, but as I can now see, the jelly has very finely chopped bits of peel in it, adding just a hint of bitter to help combat the sweet flavour.

As we all know, lemon and tarragon go very well with fish dishes. The lovely folk at Lily’s Chillies suggest a good roast chicken, and I can imagine why. It works very well with roast pork, and surprisingly I found my father enjoying it with his lamb one evening. It has a very refreshing, clean flavour which doesn’t overcomplicate any meal.

At £3.85 from their online shop, or located at a lot of the festivals this year, go and get yourself a jar.

Flavour 6/10
Heat 2/10
Packaging 7/10
Value 8/10
Overall 7/10

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