Bravo Original Hot Sauce Review

Review by Marty Greenwell – bottle purchased from Hot Headz

A short while back I got hold of a few Brazillian chilli products produced by Sakura Nakaya Alimentos Ltda. These hot sauces come under the brand Bravo and the one under review here is the Original.

The sauces come in an attractive cardboard box hiding within which is a 60ml bottle. When you see it you’d be forgiven for think it’s a mislabelled Tabasco Sauce. Although the shape of its bottle is different, the size, label design and colour of the liquid inside definitely isn’t a million miles away from that familiar brand.

However, Bravo Original isn’t made with the Tabasco chilli as its main components other than vinegar is the Jalapeno and Malagueta chilli. Most folks are familiar with the Jalapeno, but the Malagueta isn’t a pod found in many, if any, sauces created in the UK. It sits in the Capsicum frutescens family, has a heat rating of 60-100,000 Scoville units and looks remarkably like, you’ve guessed it, the Tabasco chilli only hotter (indeed they are of the same grouping along with the Piri Piri).

The bottle opening is quite tiny allowing only a few drops to fall out at a time – good for accurate pourage, not so helpful when you’re trying to get a spoonful out for tasting.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Jalapeno & Malagueta chiles, water, salt, xanthan gumBravo Original

The smell on the nose is quite piquant, there’s nothing overpowering or really pungent or off putting. When the sauce hits the tongue the flavours are quite peppery and a little bitter and would partner eggs very well. Surprisingly given the high content of vinegar it’s not that noticeable. The heat is on the tame side but certainly a little hotter than the typical tabasco,

You’ll struggle to find this sauce in the UK unless you visit Hot Headz website. At £2.49 it isn’t a bank breaker but the bottle is pretty small, less than half than is usual so it terms of volume it’s quite pricy. The size of the bottle may make it a good emergency sauce for the man/handbag perhaps. Hot Headz also carry a number of other sauces and pickled pods in the Bravo range and you can find them right here.

It’s a sauce that’s worth a look for the collection, but in terms of taste and heat, seasoned hot sauce consumers are unlikely to be moved; there’s nothing really that stand out about Bravo Original. This is a sauce in the mass manufacture league rather than the artisans of the UK.

Flavour 6/10
Heat 3/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 5/10
Overall 6/10

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