Kam’s Fiery Delight Pickle Review

Review by David Kelly – Jar kindly supplied by Kam’s South American Products

Whilst many families pass down recipes and culinary secrets through each generation not many can probably claim to sell the resultant end product of these recipes. Natasha from Kam’s South American Products however can lay claim to this, being the fifth generation in her family to continue making traditional family sauce recipes.

Although the recipes have their origins in Guyana (situated in the North Eastern corner of South America) where Natasha & her family are from, Kam’s sauces (the company is named after Natasha’s mother Kamla) are now made in London where Natasha resides.

Labelling on this jar is a simple design that focuses more on providing information than commercial flare or flamboyance. However with this approach it leaves ample room to see the contents therein which is a plethora of chopped pieces of chilli, interspersed with chunks of garlic.

Kam's Feiry Delight
Kam’s Feiry Delight

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet chillies (55%), Garlic, Vinegar, Salt

If I’m honest looking at the contents of the jar I’m somewhat underwhelmed, after all it’s just sliced chillies in vinegar; however the proof is in the tasting so I open the jar to try it. There’s a satisfying pop opening the jar lid after which a sweet vinegar scent is released from the jar. Not sharp and harsh like a pickling vinegar but more like a white wine vinegar with a light fruity aroma.  The texture of the chillies is quite soft but there is still a slight crunch to them. Their natural fruity flavour is more subdued with the absorption of the brine/vinegar but the combination of the pickling / brining process gives them a sharp, salty tangy fruity taste. Initially there’s a tangy hit, then a burst salt and then their natural flavour comes through with their heat enveloping the front of my mouth and lips.

The addition of pieces of garlic gives a nice contrast to the chilli in both texture and flavour too. They’re similarly soft in bite but rather than just being pickled raw they appear to have been lightly cooked to give them a subtle roasted flavour.

I’ll confess that my initial presumption of something that was going to be a bit bland or boring was wrong. It’s a simple amount of ingredient but an effective combination of flavours and I can’t help but keep licking my lips to get every last drop of residual solution off of them. I think this would make a great accompaniment to a hot dog or hamburger, used in a dipping sauce for spring rolls or fish cakes or even mixed into an existing sauce to finish off a dish.

Available from Kam’s South American Products in either a 120g jar for £3.50 or 240g jar for £5.50 it’s definitely worth trying.

Flavour 7.5/10
Heat 4.5/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 7/10
Overall 7/10

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