The Chilli Pepper Company Heavenly BBQ Sauce Review

Review by The Shepsters – Bottle kindly supplied by The Chilli Pepper Company.

The Chilli Pepper Company, belonging to Ged Fowler and based in Cumbria, is famous (or should we say infamous!) among the UK chilli community for creating insanely hot products  such as the fearsomely fiery “20 Minute Burn” and ridiculously sweltering “Kiss the Devil” spray.

However, while these products may get scorched tongues wagging and the company name memorised, there is a much cooler side to the range on offer for those of us who are not quite so excited by extracts and brain-meltingly hot sauce. One such product is that which we have been given for review, the “Heavenly BBQ” sauce.

Bottled in a standard size and shape, and with the label clearly bearing the Chilli Pepper Company brand red devil image and logo, heavenly bbq chilli pepper companythere is no mistaking whose product this is.  The label, colour coded purple for quick identification of the sauce within their range, is good quality print and easy to read, carrying only what the customer would need to know – no more, no less.  It looks inviting in the bottle and Sianne has a particular fondness for BBQ sauces so we’re looking forward to getting to the good stuff inside.

Ingredients:  tomatoes, sugar, molasses, spices, chillies (cayenne and chipotle), garlic, hickory flavouring, salt, and pepper.

First impression is the aroma; sweet, spiced, and with a molasses tang in the background. The sauce is an unctuous dark brown colour.  It is rich, thick, and smooth with an appealing glossy sheen and is well blended, showing no sign of splitting or settling – exactly what would be expected of a quality BBQ sauce.  Texture in the mouth however is ever so slightly grainy – not enough to be unpleasant, but noticeable.

This recipe was developed in collaboration with Motor City Barbecue in the USA, so we really are expecting great things from the flavour.  There is an initial hit of sugary sweetness which is gradually replaced by molasses tang and eventually smoky hints on the finish.  There was a slight concern that the sauce may be a bit sickly sugary because the aroma is so sweet, but this was not the case.  While it is a little over-sweet for our personal taste, the overall flavours are really very good.

The chilli heat is very mellow, making its presence known after the sweet smokiness has dissipated, and lingering for a short while afterward on the lips and tongue.  This is exactly what was being aimed for, as the description on the bottle states it is “subtly spiced with cayenne and chipotle”.

Great as a glaze on ribs or chicken for the BBQ (giving fabulous caramelisation due to the sugar content) , lip-smacking with a batch of smoky bacon, or storming as a dip for some chunky chips (even better with cheesy chips!) – we reckon this is one that won’t hang around for long in anyone’s fridge once opened.

Available from The Chilli Pepper Company website, priced at £3.99 for a 140ml bottle.

Flavour 8/10
Heat 1/10
Packaging 8/10
Value 7/10
Overall 8/10

Jimmy Ginger’s HEAT Sauce Review

Review by David Kelly – Bottle kindly supplied by Jimmy Ginger

Like many of the well established brands in the UK chilli scene, Jimmy Ginger came into being from a happy introduction to chillies.  Back in 2006, Jamie Smyth started growing chillies and from there he caught the chilli bug. This tied in with a passion for food led to experimentation with the chillies and the development of a sweet chilli relish and chilli sauce. A sandwich shop nearby his office started using this relish with their products before later selling bottles of it due to demand. From there the business was able to expand with the use of a polytunnel which allowed Jamie to increase the yield and variety of chillies grown that has enabled the creation of a range of sauces, pickles and chutneys.

And why Jimmy Ginger? Well it was a childhood nickname of Jamie’s.

Ingredients: Vine ripened tomatoes, red onion, red pepper, cider vinegar, sugar, fresh chilli pepper (3%) (Trinidad Scorpion, Jimmy Ginger's HEATDorset Naga), garlic, sea salt, lime juice

The first thing I notice about this sauce, it the size of the bottle. Most sauces I’ve encountered over the years have been in 100ml – 150ml bottles, so this hefty 250ml bottle certainly stands out from the crowd. Labelling is modest and minimalistic – simple red lettering on a white label with a red border.

The tomato orange coloured sauce has a rich scent of tomatoes with undertones of the onion and garlic. There’s also bit of sharpness on the nose from the cider vinegar and lime with a definite hint of the chillies coming through too. It pours very readily from the bottle and has a consistency much like an Italian Passata sauce, though not quite as smooth – there are some tiny bits of garlic, pepper flesh and chilli seed in the body.

On the mouth the dominant flavour coming through is the fruity sweetness of the tomatoes and peppers. The onion and garlic flavours do also come through after this natural fruity flavour begins to recede. The sauce is pretty well balanced being not too sweet nor sharp, and the flavours of the various ingredients come through well. The burn from the chillies comes through pretty quick initially enveloping the mouth and encroaching the back of the throat. Whilst the main kick from the burn recedes fairly quickly, it leaves a nice satisfying warmth that focuses around the front of the mouth whilst still tickling the back of the throat.

With its heavy tomato base this sauce is ideally suited to work well as a substitute for Passata sauce in a plethora of tomato based pasta dishes such as Spaghetti meatballs, Chicken cacciatore or lasagne. Additionally it could also be readily be used as the tomato base in homemade pizza. Or, for those who like their drinks with a bit of pep, it would make a Bloody Mary with a much better chilli kick than one using the ubiquitous Tabasco sauce™.

Available directly from the Jimmy Ginger website for £5.00 for a large 250ml bottle.

Flavour 7/10
Heat 6/10
Packaging 5/10
Value 7/10
Overall 7/10

MaRobert’s Hot Pili Pili Sauce Review

Review by Marty Greenwell – Jar kindly supplied by MaRobert’s Sauces

From MaRobert’s Sauces comes their Hot Pili Pili Sauce. This one comes all the way from Scotland and is home-made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial nasty bits added. What’s unique about the Pili Pili is it’s giving all that try its charms a taste of Tanzania as an authentic East African Chilli Sauce.

Although MaRobert’s Sauces label this one up as a sauce, it’s not really what you might expect from the usual UK hot sauces and more like a chutney or pickle (or at least somewhere in between). It is very chunky and quite thick in consistency and my first thought was to try this on some cheese on toast (which turned out to work really well). The jar I had seemed to have a small pool of oil in the top, but it certainly isn’t greasy in any way. The excess oil can simply be spooned away leaving the main contents intact.

The jar of 190ml has a caricature of an African woman wielding a wooden spoon with a smile – obviously just having sampled some of the lovely flavours held within. There are no scents that particularly stand out on their own if you grab a lung full of the sauce’s aroma – moreover there’s a general savoury bouquet to the contents.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Mangoes, Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Scoth Bonnet Chillies, Vegetable Oil and Salt.

Tasting a generous spoonful of the sauce produces a very savoury flavours on the tongue – it very reminiscent of Chilli Con MaRoberts-PiliPiliCarne and indeed even tastes a little bit meaty – in fact I’d be tempted to use a whole jar of this along with some mincemeat, onions and kidney beans. MaRobert’s Sauces list this sauce as hot and is the wildest product in their range, however, to any seasoned chillihead it will likely come across as a medium heat level – it lingers around the sides of the tongue for a while with a pleasant “I know I’ve eating something spicy” tang. The larger chunks in the sauce are very soft, so those with delicate fillings needn’t worry about having to crunch – in fact the texture has quite a soothing feel to it in the mouth.

As it’s quite a strong savoury taste, it works well with strong cheese and as a dipper for tortillas. As mentioned above, I’d also be tempted to try a whole jar of this as a cooking sauce – the spice and flavours will work as that classic family favourite. As there are no preservatives in the Pili Pili it has quite a short shelf life; MaRobert’s Sauces suggest that you use it up in a month, or at the very least keep it in the fridge if you’re not going to use it straight away. Chances are you’ll get through this quite quickly though as it’s one that’s very easy to simply munch through on the side.

Currently you can get hold of MaRobert’s Sauces from the various markets they attend regularly. For details on where these are can be found take a look on their website, their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter. Online orders should be available in the future.  If you get a chance to give the Pili Pili a go, Tanzania might well end up on your must visit list.

Flavour 9/10
Heat 5/10
Packaging 7/10
Value N/A
Overall 8/10

Nali Hot – Africa’s Peri-Peri Sauce Review

Review by James Fowkes – Bottle kindly supplied by Russell Hutner at Nali Sauce.

When’s the last time you improved the health of a chicken just be using a chilli sauce?

Nali Sauce is a popular sauce from Malawi dubbed, ‘Africa’s hottest Peri-Peri sauce’. The Nali sauce brands have attained cult status with chilli lovers both in Malawi and throughout the world for their hotness (around 175,000 scoviles) and unique taste.

What makes this sauce unique? Well Nali is made from Peri-Peri using Malawian bird’s eye chillies, the hottest in Africa. Until recently this sauce has been quite hard to get hold of in the rest of the world and rarely exported.

I am lucky enough to have received a special package direct from a new exporter whose mission has been to bring this Nali sauce to the world. It’s taken the company best part of three years to make this sauce available with all the logistics involved, but you can nali-africa's-peri-peri-saucecheck them out here.

The bottle is a respectable sized 125ml. As you can see from the picture the label is very colourful and I think it’s fantastic. The design catches beautifully the heart of the African colourful spirit. The rest of the range has equally as colourful labels too.

On the label you will find the text: “In the heart of Central Africa, on the shores of Lake Malawi, grows a rare treasure – the Birds-eye chilli. This world famous chilli is the main ingredient of nail. Africa’s Peri-Peri sauce. Nr Nali-lo Khoromana first discovered Birds-eye chillies over thirty years ago. With this sought after chilli and a very special recipe, he made a unique sauce that has gained cult status throughout the world. Using only the finest fresh ingredients, the Khoromana family has nurtured and refined this sauce to bring you a true African treasure.”


Ingredients: water, birds-eye chilies, fresh paprika, onions, acetic acid, garlic, salt, stabilizer (E415), antioxidant (E300), preservative (E211).

The bottle is so nicely presented and sealed it almost a shame to open it. Through the glass bottle you can see that this sauce is nice and thick and the maker has chosen to keep the chilli seeds in too, there are hundreds clearly visible. Cracking open the bottle you immediately know this sauce has some heat to it. The first spoonful fires up the taste buds and immediately has you wanting more. Then I pause, this flavour is very familiar to me, I must have had this before. I quick scroll through my twitter feed back to January and confirm what I have thought. One of my work colleagues is from Malawi and very kindly bought me back a bottle of hot sauce from his trip home over Christmas. The label is very different but checking quickly, the bottle I was given as a present back in January was the real nali deal, with authentic labelling and brought back by a local. You may be wondering why I am bringing this up. With this bottle so nicely packaged and shipped to me from Australia I admit I did doubt its African authenticity. However I am very happy to confirm this is indeed the same stuff. So if you are Malawian and missing a taste of home then here is your answer.

There is a unique tang and undeniable spice to the taste experience with this sauce. The heat level is higher than many UK sauces that contain much hotter chillies. This is likely due to the fact that rather than a small percentage of a hot chilli added to a sauce. Nali have not messed around and filled this sauce with the beautiful birds-eye. Aside from the heat there is a slight sweet taste which is soon replaced by a bitter, but not unpleasant lasting flavour. Depending on your preference having all the seeds in the sauce may but some people off as you do inevitably end up picking them out of your teeth, but it’s worth it.

As for uses of this unique creation you can add this sauce to your burgers, steak, top off your chicken and just about anything you can think of. I used most of mine with my breakfast eggs. It is also great to marinate your meat in for an even sharper, zestier taste. Their website also suggests the Nali Caeser Salad on this link . If you are a genuine and dedicated worldwide hot sauce lover you will definitely need to have this sauce among your collection to try.

The only downside of this sauce is that if the heat and taste experience doesn’t make your eyes water then the price certainly will. At £7.20 GBP per 125ml bottle, excluding shipping, I sadly can’t see many paying that price despite being one of the only established routes to get hold of the sauce. Despite this I am very intrigued to try the rest of the range and would be more than happy to review entire range if I ever get the opportunity.

Not wanting to leave this fantastic sauce on such a negative, it is worth knowing that buying this sauce doesn’t just benefit you. Remember at the start of this review “When’s the last time you improved the health of a chicken by using a chilli sauce?” Aside from simply buying one of Malawi’s best chilli products and bringing it to the world, Nali Sauces make sure that some tangible benefit returns to Malawi. The producer of Nali Sauces ensures that its key chilli ingredient is sourced from more than 3,000 small-holder farmers across Malawi. So, from every bottle of Nali Sauce sold, $1 will go directly to National Rural Poultry Centre in support of its work. Learn more about the NRPC here.

Flavour 9/10
Heat 8/10
Packaging 10/10
Value 2/10
Overall 9/10

Safari Sauces Muti Hot Sauce Review

Review by Marty Greenwell. Bottle kindly supplied by Safari Sauces.

Safari Sauces have been around for quite a while but only recently have they started selling their sauces online. Previously these have only been obtainable whilst they were catering at food and music festivals – with countless requests to make them available to purchase, Safari Sauces have finally got things together. I’mSafariSauces-Muti pleased that they have.

Muti comes is a very generously sized bottle of 250ml. This is almost double what I’d expect from an artisan product and something that usually starts the alarm bells ringing. It’s time to relax though as in this case those fears are unfounded. The labelling is dwarfed by the enormity of the bottle, but features a very nice photograph of a few giraffes talking a wonder through the plains at sunset. Lovely. Due to this mammoth glass it’s possible to get a great view of what the sauce is like before opening it – it’s a rich dark orange with plenty of fleshy bits and black speckles littered throughout the contents.

Ingredients: Onion, Red Chilli, Water, White Vinegar, Sunflower Oil, Soy Sauce, Birds Eye Chilli, Safari Spices, Lemon, Tomato Puree, Salt, Xanthium Gum.

The sauce pours freely from the bottle despite it being quick thick and chunky in texture – bits of red and green chillies can clearly be seen in the mix and although there are seeds present, there are relatively few of them. Due to the thickness of Muti it is particularly ideal as a dipping sauce for chips and tortillas. The first thing that strikes the mouth on the initial taste is a tangy sweetness. It takes a little while for the heat from the Birds Eye chillies to hit while the sweetness dies away, but when it does it gives a fabulous medium to slightly hot burn across the tongue. It peaks quickly and lingers there for a good few minutes before tailoring off. I’m not often a fan of Birds Eye chilli as I find they can be quite bitter – I much prefer the tang of a Scotch Bonnet or Habanero, however, in this case there’s nothing bitter about it.

In all this is an awesome sauce and one I’ve been using on just about everything; bacon sarnies, beans on toast, eggs, venison, chips, as a dip – well, all except the zebra and springbok Safari Sauces suggests it’s tried with as they didn’t have any at Tesco. It has that moreish flavour and uncanny ability to work with all sorts of different foods – so much so that the review bottle is all but empty. It doesn’t overpower but at the same time isn’t so timid that you can’t taste the different flavours or feel the heat.

This one comes highly recommended and I will definitely be giving the other sauces in Safari’s range a go – buy it from here.

Flavour 9/10
Heat 6.5/10
Packaging 7/10
Value 8/10
Overall 9/10

Chilihound’s Holy Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Review by James Fowkes – Holy Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce kindly supplied by Chilihound.

Based in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the north-east of England, Chilihound is a reasonably new company. They have a small but increasing range of pepper sauces that aim to “put that extra pep in your food and tantalise those taste buds”. Holy Habanero is the sauce I have the privilege of introducing you today.

Ingredients: Onion, red peppers, cider vinegar, lime juice, celery, dried apricot (5.5%) muscovado sugar, tomato puree, dried habanero (2%), garlic, salt.

The bottle is a standard shaped 155g with a black and red label similar to the image above with a cheeky looking hound cartoon drawing you into the theme across the range. On the label you will also find the text:

“A hot sauce using the king of chillies, the habanero. This is a fruity tangy sauce that delivers a generous level of heat. This pooch is sure to leave you panting for more! Liven up all foods with a dash of Holy Habanero”

You can see that the sauce inside is quite watery yet slightly pulpy in texture. Opening the bottle the aroma of the sauce is more IMG_20140513_195234reminiscent of chutney than a hot sauce. You can really smell the peppers and apricot alongside a deep sweetness. At this stage there is no sense of the heat level. The first spoonful of sauce is definitely fruity as you would expect and hope for from a habanero based sauce. Surprisingly I’m not hit with any heat and wonder why. Is the 2% habanero about to let the sauce down?

As I ponder on this and process the other flavours blended into the sauce, there is a nice gentle heat that starts to creep up on me. The use of apricots in the ingredients gives a lovely flavour not usually used in sauces. I forget sometimes that I am used to higher heat levels so at this point my girlfriends agreed to taste the sauce too, taking my word for it that it won’t be painful. Her reaction is quite different immediately noticing the heat from what Chilihound refer to as the ‘mighty and majestic Habanero’. At this point in my mouth, with the sauce long gone, I am still left with a wonderful glow with a pleasant sensation. Did this sauce leave me howling for more? Maybe, I don’t think it will impress chilliheads wanting a habanero hit, but it will certainly win with foodies and newbie chilliheads wanting to step up a level with a wonderful fruity hot sensation.

The Chilihound team recommend that you use Holy Habanero sparingly or as you wish. Suggesting the sauce would work well with fish and meats or anything. Being apricot based I think this sauce would be a great addition to a Maroccan tagine. I tried adding it to tacos with great results and also the obvious choice of a nice barbequed burger. The Holy Habanero could possibly make some very funky spare ribs too

In these economic times the price of all hot sauces is creeping up slowly and this sauce is no exception at £5 for a bottle this size. Is this a little steep compared to the competition? When you add in postage maybe it is. Perhaps when production volumes increase prices can come down a bit and we can also see Chilihound at festivals to get the usual mix and match deals that always tempt us to purchase just one more bottle.

If you want to get your hands on this sauce, suppliers are limited and there are other sauces by the same name available online and on the shelves. So make sure you find the right one. It’s best to check out the hound’s website directly and their twitter feed @thechilihound to see where you can get some. Or drop the friendly owner Graham a line on to arrange something. Go on! Give the Ol’ Dog a home!

Flavour 7/10
Heat 6/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 6/10
Overall 7/10

Chilli Fiends Presents the Safari Sauces Competition


Safari Sauces do a range of African inspired products including the Zulu SuSu (Mild), Chakalaka (Medium) or Muti (Hot) sauce and this is your chance to win your choice of one of these.

For 2014 Safari Sauces are introducing no less than seven new sauces including the Safari Chilli Chocolate Sauce, Bush Fire Ltd. Edition and their hottest one yet, the Cetewayo’s Hellfire.

To win, you need to answer the question posed **right here**  and follow @ChilliFiends and @SAFARIeCATERING on Twitter – if you can tweet the link to this competition that would be great too. The answer is available on Safari Sauces website and pretty easy to find.

The comp closes at the end of next Saturday 17th May 2014 – get entering and good luck.

The Chilli Pepper Company – Sweet Surprise Review (with video)

Review by Martin ‘Scooby’ Arnold – product kindly supplied by The Chilli Pepper Company

Today my friends we have a real treat in store for you. With summer just around the corner and the ice cream man coming we need to be prepared. And thanks to Ged at The Chilli Pepper Company we can be more than prepared now. Say goodbye to the run of the mill ice cream and their bland sauces and toppings, for Ged has a ‘Sweet Surprise’. And this surprise is, as you can see from the video, a ‘Sweet Surprise’ for everyone.

When I got this product for review from Ged I assumed it would blow my head off but still taste great, just like many of his other products. But the surprise came to me and Coco when we found it not to be that hot. And as much as I love my heat, this is one awesome product. Rich, thick, sweet, Strawberry desert sauce.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Strawberries and Scotch Bonnets.

Straight forward and simple ingredients. You can buy this at the Chilli Pepper Company website for a mere £4 for a 140ml bottle. I cannot comment on the label as they have not been finalised so this product is only just out. I will tell you this however, if you do not have one of these in stock for summer and your a chillifiend, then your just not quite right. I admit I took it steady on the sauce initially on the ice cream, but the second you get that sweet flavour and lovely warmth which works great with the cold ice cream then BOOOOM, we had to have more.

By all means buy a bottle and see if you can prove me wrong on this product as I can tell you that you can not go wrong with this. I cannot sing its praises enough. Easily a product in my top ten of all chilli products now, easily!

So remember chilli fiends … if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.

Flavour 10/10
Heat 3/10
Packaging N/A
Value 10/10
Overall 10/10

Lily’s Chillies Strawberry Chilli Jelly Review

Review by David Kelly – Jar kindly supplied by Lily’s Chilli

Lily’s Chillies are a Sussex-based business set up by Jason and Charlotte Lacny, a husband and wife team, who produce a selection of handmade chilli products. Although they’d been making homemade jellies for a period it was only after their ‘Lime & Ginger’ Chilli Jelly won the “Amateur Best Taste Award” contest at the Fiery Foods UK Chilli festival back in 2010 that they went into more large scale production. And in case you’re wondering, the company is named after their daughter.

Labelling on the square jar is clean and minimalistic in approach. The front label is a simple white square with the embedded Lily’s Chillies logo / product info with a pink border and banner at the bottom. The bordering colour varies accordingly for each of their products and given this is a strawberry jelly, it’s appropriately coloured. It’s a simple design but the bold contrast between the white, red and black colours make it stand out well.

With a lot of the jar label free, it easy to see the contents contained therein. Naturally the jelly is a rich strawberry red in colour and it shifts around inside as I move jar – not surprising, given that jellies don’t tend to set as much compared to jams.  For those who are unsure about the difference between a jelly and a jam, the former is made using the strained juice of the fruit whilst the latter contains pieces of the fruit in addition any natural fruit juice present. This strained fruit juice in a jelly allows it to have a much smoother and translucent texture compared to a jam.Lily's Chillies Strawberry Chilli Jam

Ingredients: Strawberries (60%), sugar, Habeñero chillies (1%), balsamic vinegar, pectin

The jelly has gentle fresh strawberry aroma with faint toffee undertones. It’s clearly identifiable as a strawberry scent but it’s not as sickly or sweet a scent as you would normally identify or associate with a strawberry jam. Although balsamic vinegar can be quite pungent on its own, there is no such sharpness coming through from its use in this jelly.

Having read the ingredient list I was instantly drawn to the use of balsamic vinegar. You may be of the view that vinegar is for pickling or putting on your chips and not for sweet things, but balsamic vinegar is a different beast and not as much of an odd couple partnership with strawberries as you may first think. Traditional Balsamic vinegars are made from white grapes and are aged in oak barrels for 12+ years. This gives them a more complex, sweeter taste which when combined with other food products can offer an ‘umami’ like taste experience.

When trying the jelly, the taste is rather like its aroma: there’s a natural strawberry sweetness to it but without being sickly sweet – it’s a much more delicate, yet still identifiably strawberry, flavour. There’s also a faint pleasant hint of toffee in the aftertaste which I assume comes from the addition of the balsamic vinegar. It’s easy to see why this jelly was recognised with a Great Taste Award in 2012.

Heat rating on the labelling is two chillies which Lily’s advice is a medium heat but I would say it’s a more of a mild heat for the more seasoned chillihead. There’s a momentary kick from the habaneros before the intensity drops off to leave a residual tingle in the mouth which does increase slightly as more of it is consumed.

Whilst this could easily be used like a chilli jam and spread over toast or as part of a cream tea, with the jelly not being set as firmly as jam I could easily see this being used in many other ways too.  It could easily be incorporated as a component in the making of a strawberry based pudding (cheesecake or Eton mess), drizzled as a syrup/ sauce over ice-cream or even cocktails (anyone for a Strawberry Daiquiri or Mojito?).

Available directly from Lily’s Chillies for £3.85 for a 220g jar, it’s a product well worth trying.

Flavour 8/10
Heat 3/10
Packaging 7/10
Value 7/10
Overall 7.5/10

Grim Reaper Foods Blaze of Glory Habanero Chilli Real Ale Mustard Review

Review by Lady C’in – Jar kindly supplied by Grim Reaper Foods.

Russell at Grim Reaper Foods is a busy man. When he isn’t in the kitchen creating chocolates, sauces, syrups, oils and mustards, he is on the front of his stalls entertaining the customers, always thinking of new and exciting products that always hit the spot no matter what you’re into. He will be around most of the festivals of 2014, so pop down to a few and try out his wares.

Ingredients: Death or Glory Ale (39%) (Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops), Mustard Seed, Red Wine Vinegar, Honey (11%), Habanero Chilli (2%), Salt. Contains Mustard and Gluten.

As part of the Grim Reaper Foods mustard range, the label on this 180g jar is simple, elegant and does not detract from the product. The white lettering is easy to read and the delightful little skull on the front of the jar lets you know he means business.

The consistency of this mustard is like that of French mustard; it looks thick and delicious with a slow moving pour. The mustard seeds are small and plentiful, where there are little bits of orange and dark red seeds and flesh rolling around beside them. The colour, not surprisingly, is of a deep yellow-burnt orange with plenty of texture. The smell is, also not surprisingly, very mustard-y and there is a soft scent of beer which gives it a rather subtle earthy tone. It is full with seeds, more fleshy parts and liquid to keep it moving in your mouth. One spoonful is all I needed to feel that I’d been more generous with my serving than I should have.

The Habanero is a slow starter; it likes to stroke your tongue slowly and gently massage that heat into your mouth, gradually applying the pressure and warming your mouth up before you realise it. My first taste, sweet beer – that’s right, beer. The hoppy taste combined with the mustard and honey really plays with your senses here. You taste beer, but also mustard! Like you’re having a great night out at a match with a pint in one hand and your hotdog in the other… The honey lets the habanero ride around your mouth and stick to all your soft sensitive parts to rub in some painful pleasure. Having another dollop subdues that heat briefly, as alcohol does, and allows the next wave to come along and slowly add to the previous heat.

Ale, mustard and habanero, it’s a great combination which really must be tried on whatever you want. Someone suggested putting this on top a seared cow, so steak is one option. I suggest using this mustard instead of mayonnaise in egg mayo sandwiches or on top of a bagel with cream cheese and if you fancy, salmon. I know this perhaps sounds unusual, but hey, if you don’t try, you just won’t know. If you’re a noodle in a cup kinda person, stir some of this into your pot for a quick and easy mustard sensation! I tried this in Cauliflower cheese and it really adds an extra level, let alone heat, to a plain dish.

At only £3.50 for 180g jar, available at Grim Reaper Foods, try it with anything, it’s that damn good! Also available as part of a ‘Boozy Mustard™ Trio’ for £11.50

Flavour 8/10
Heat 6/10
Packaging 9/10
Value 10/10
Overall 8/10