CaJohn’s El Chupacabra Review (with video)

Bottle supplied by Hot Headz – review by Darth Naga.

Hi chilli padawans!! It’s Darth Naga coming at you again with another review for Chilli Fiends and this one is a real doozy! The sauce I have for you all today comes from a very well-known sauce maker over the pond in the USA, a company by the name of “Cajohn“, owned and run by John Hard. This company has been around since 1999 and started full serious production in 2002, bringing us amazing products like “Scorch” (my personal favourite) “Black Mamba” and “Mongoose” to name ElChupacabrabut a few! You can pick up his products here in the UK from Hot Headz which, funnily enough is exactly who sent me this bottle!!

Ingredients: Chilli peppers (Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga), carrots, onion, mustard (vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, spices), distilled vinegar, garlic, spices.

So as you can see from the ingredients list, “El Chupacabra” is no slouch when it comes to utilising ultra hots, in fact I think the list looks like the who’s who of the top hottest peppers, the only thing missing is the Carolina Reaper! This sauce is one of the newer ones in Cajohn’s range of ultra-hot sauces; it’s been around for about a year and seems to be quite popular due to the lack of extract and good use of smokingly hot peppers!

The bottle itself is of the typical CaJohn standard, high quality, glossy foil label, with a slightly cartoon silhouette of a Chupacabra on it, and one of the nicest touches that I have seen yet, CaJohn’s logo has been embossed into the top of the lid wrapper, which adds a nice unique twist to the standard security seals you see on these bottles!

I could go on and on here about the flavour and heat, but I think the video explains it way better than I could here:

So there you have it, another fine sauce from Cajohn, brought to the UK by the awesome Hot Headz, at only £7 a bottle you’d be mad not to grab one, it’ll easily satisfy even the most hardcore of chilli heads and for the hot sauce noobs out there, small amounts will go a LONG way!!

Suggested uses for this from myself would be adding to a chilli (due to the high fresh chilli content), also rubbing this on chicken for a nice spicy dinner, use it sparingly though otherwise your arse mind hand in its notice the next morning!!

Right, it’s time for me to love you and leave you again my chilli padawans, so until next time, I’ll catch you on the flipside and may the sauce be with you, always!!

Flavour 8/10
Heat 9/10
Packaging 9/10
Value 8/10
Overall 9/10

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