The Chilli Pepper Company Competition

Chilli Fiends is happy to announce yet another great competition this time with one of the hottest sauce makers in the UK The Chilli Pepper Company – with products such as Naga Mama, 5 Minute Burn, El Diablo and 20 Minute Burn (and yes it does), you won’t be walking away from this website without breaking into a sweat with your insides on fire.


The prizes on offer are as follows:

First prize: Your sauce name on the bottle, a bottle of the new sauce and a Chilli Pepper Company pocket rocket keyring filled with 6.4 million Scoville extract.

Second prize: One of another of The Chilli Pepper Company’s sauces and your sauce name on a future new product.

New mystery sauceTo win these awesome prizes you have to come up with a name for Ged’s new hot sauce made with Fresh Carolina Reaper 83%, Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar. Follow @ChilliFiends and @ChilliHeat and put your entries on this form and a link to this comp or Ged’s website on Twitter or Facebook would be great. The competition is open until the end of play next Saturday, one entry per person.

Good luck and make sure to check out The Chilli Pepper Company’s website.

Bim’s Kitchen’s African Baobab Chilli Jam Review

Review by Martin ‘Scooby’ Arnold – sauce kindly supplied by Bim’s Kitchen.

Today my fellow fiends I am going to be reviewing a product from the one and only Bim’s kitchen. I have had products from Bim’s before and they have been pretty damn tasty so they have set the bar high. Interesting to see if they can carry on this trait they have earned with me. So let’s get stuck in to the African Baobab chilli jam.

In typical Bim’s fashion, the white label comes complete with a picture of Africa on it, this one being red to show its one of their hotter products. The jam, or relish as it also states on the label is a rich dark red and when opened looks similar to your Christmas mincemeat. Well to be fair it does have Baobab Chilli Jamminced onion in it. The smell is mild but warming. In all honesty I can only really smell fresh chilli and it smells o so good.

Ingredients: Hibiscus water, Demerara sugar, Roasted red peppers, Cayenne and Birdseye chillies, barley malt vinegar, baobab fruit, ground ginger, minced onion, garlic granules, salt, cinnamon, citric acid.

Nice little combo of chillies in here but my only fear is that the garlic granules could affect the texture as it has to many dishes I have cooked in the past. There’s only one way to find out though hey?

Ok, I revoke that statement about the garlic. Everything here works in harmony and the heat is a lot more that I thought it would be judging by the ingredients. It won’t blow your head off by any stretch of the imagination, but it definitely gives a great tingle on the taste buds. The texture is lovely and smooth and because of this being slightly looser consistency than a jam would be better suited as a marinade rather than layered on your toast in the morning although this would still work great. I can see this going really well spread over a chicken breast and slapped on the barby for a gorgeous summer treat.

This is a very fruity jam with sweetness to match any run of the mill supermarket product; it is on the whole however in a completely different league. This is like the premier league of jams.

The 215g jar will set you back £4.75 and looks like can be brought from amazon. I’d normally think this is a touch over the price mark but considering you have some baobab fruit in it which is not your standard fruit for a jam and the quality of product, I feel I could stretch to get a jar or two of this. Good heat, great flavour and countless opportunities to use this beaut.

Flavour 8/10
Heat 5/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 6/10
Overall 7.5/10

Bim’s Kitchen’s Hot African Baobab BBQ Sauce Review

Review by Martin ‘Scooby’ Arnold – sauce kindly supplied by Bim’s Kitchen.

Hello again you gorgeous (and not so gorgeous) Chilli Fiends. Today I have for you from Bim’s Kitchen, the Hot African Baobab BBQ sauce in a 250ml bottle. This is a glorious looking sauce which is very smooth in texture and a dark but enticing to the eye dark brown colour to it. I’m guessing this must be the Baobab fruit providing this. It has the same style label as the other products from Bim’s and looks pretty damn good and professional as Hot African Baobab BBQ Saucealways.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Tomato purée, Tomatoes, Baobab fruit, Tamari soy sauce, Natural hickory smoke, Onion powder, Carotino oil, Garlic powder, Cayenne and Birdseye chilli, Corn flour, Black peppercorns, Ground ginger, Oregano, Paprika, Cumin, Cubeb, Salt, Cloves, Xanthan gum.

This packs more punch in the heat department compared to the jam and mixed with the hickory smoke flavours and cloves this is an amazing tasting sauce. I have now demoted my usually sauce for my chips and meats and use this bad boy.

However, it is also very versatile with a bizarre mix of both sweet and savoury going on so you can pretty much put it with anything. When simmered down in the oven with some meat or fish goes a lovely thicker and sticky sauce which works even more in its favour. This is flavour central at its best and one that I will definitely be putting a couple of bottles away for the summer BBQ and more.

This is one product that will not let you down on flavour, texture or heat. And the price on Amazon is £4.75 I do not have any issues paying for this. Slightly more sauce for your dollar in comparison to some of their other products but there is just something about BBQ sauces and this is one in particular that ticks all the right boxes for me. It’s a must for all.

Until next time Chilli Fiends remember; “If it burns going in, it will burn coming out.”

Flavour 9.5/10
Heat 6.5/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 8/10
Overall 9/10

Bim’s Kitchen Competition

Chilli Fiends is pleasured to be able to offer you yet another fantastic competition. This time it is your chance to win some goodies from Bim’s Kitchen.

First Prize is the selection of Bim’s African inspired sauces that contain the unusual Baobab tree fruit.

As runner up prize, one lucky chillihead will win two of these items.

Bim's Kitchen

All you need do is follow @ChilliFiends and @bimskitchen on Twitter and answer the question **here**

If you’d like to Tweet a link to the competition or Bim’s website, that would be great too.

You’ve got until next Saturday to enter – good luck and make sure to check out Bim’s Kitchen’s Website.

Kent Chilli Garden’s Moruga Scorpion Powder Review/Tasting (with video)

Review by Darth Naga – product kindly supplied by Kent Chilli Garden

Happy Friday chilli padawans!! Today I’ve got more of a “tasting and reaction” video as opposed to a review, but it is for a product you can buy, and it will be entertaining nonetheless!!

I invited a couple of new people to join me on this video, one of which you’ll have seen before and the other is my girlfriend’s brother! The product I have comes from the Kent Chilli Garden which is a little company based in … Kent of course! They do all of their products via mail order and can be reached right here.

Ingredients: Moruga Scorpion powder

Right, I’ll start by saying the packaging is very minimal, a simple plastic tube filled with an ominous looking reddy brown powder, the label has the name of the product, the Kent chilli garden and a skull and crossbones on it, just to prove its probably not a good idea to do what we did in this video!

So there you have it, a simple but hot Moruga powder, tastes savoury to me but others may find it very fruity, comes in no nonsense packaging which is easy to post, and as you saw in the vid has been officially rated at just shy of 1.2 million Scoville units, you can grab this, plus many other products over at Kent Chilli Garden where the powder retails for a mere £4 per 6g tube, which I’m told is a pretty good price, so grab it while you can!!

Right that’s all for this week chilli padawans, keep your eyes peeled for the next review and make sure you keep your spice tolerance up! May the sauce be with you, always!

Flavour 7/10
Heat 9/10
Packaging 5/10
Value 7/10
Overall 7/10

Kent Chilli Garden’s Winter Warmer Chilli Jam Review

Review by Marty Greenwell – jam kindly supplied by Kent Chilli Garden

Having only been in the chilli product market for only a short amount of time, Kent Chilli Garden are certainly punching above their weight. Currently their products are mostly jam based, but there are plans afoot to increase their range. On review here is their Winter Warmer Chilli Jam.

First impressions are very good – the jar contains a lovely marmalade coloured jam with black speckles sprinkled throughout. It shouldn’t be surprising that it looks a little like the classic breakfast spread as its main ingredient aside the sugar is oranges, as confirmed by the picture on the label and for your £3.90 you’ll get 227 grams of it so it should last a while. The chillies used in the Winter Warmer are all grown at the gardens themselves.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Oranges, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Chillies, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Pectin (it’s a gelling agent).

Rather surprisingly, the overriding aroma from the Jam is from the vinegar and it’s quite a domineering smell. The jam itself is well set, almost to the point of being a jelly, but it’s very easy to spread. Don’t think about just using this on toast though, because that would be a waste – try it in boiled rice, a bacon sarnie or with your pork chops.

On the tongue the vinegar isn’t quite as prominent; although you can tell it’s there, it’s countered by the tang from the oranges so it has quite a pleasant flavour if a little bitter. It has a medium burn that comes on almost instantly and makes eating toast a pleasurable experience. It lingers for a little while but it won’t challenge those whom like to consume raw nagas whole.

The winter warmer chilli jam has a very nice kick to it and a tangy orange zest, although the vinegar detracts a little from this; it’s not fish and chip strong as it’s a higher quality cider vinegar, it’s just something to be aware of. Overall I think this is well worth a look, especially if you like that bitter/sweet combo, I’ll certainly be giving it another go. It’s a limited batch run too, so get in whilst you can.

Flavour 6/10
Heat 5/10
Packaging 8/10
Value 8/10
Overall 7/10

Kent Chilli Garden’s Moruga Madness Chilli Jam

Review by Clare Cameron.

As a big fan of chilli jams, I have had Bhut Jolokia jams, Bird’s Eye Chilli jams, indeed jams made with all of the well known chillies but this is the first one I have seen that contains Moruga.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cider, Vinegar, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chillies, Pectin, Citric acid. Jar kindly supplied by Kent Chilli Garden.

This caught my attention as in my experience the Moruga is a very strong chilli which can, when not correctly balanced with the right ingredients, overpower a dish. This bold move from a company which I hadn’t heard of previously and this sort of product gets my attention and makes them stand out from the crowd.

The jam has a colour similar to marmalade with a similar looking consistency. The label is simple yet clear with the white label and black font. It includes all information needed such as ingredients, storage and best before details.

Opening the jar the Moruga hits you like a punch on the nose. The jam has a thick consistency with long, thin strands of chilli visible, the heat isn’t instant but it builds quite quickly leaving a warm tickle at the back of the throat which stays with you as you would expect a superhot to. The consistency is very different to their red Thai chilli jam it is a lot thicker and therefore wouldn’t be suitable as a dipping sauce. I can imagine this going well with hot and cold meats such as chicken and beef.

Kent Chilli Garden offer plants, seeds, powders and chilli jams, to find out more check out their website.

Flavour 7/10
Heat 8.5/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 6/10
Overall 7/10

Chilli Fiends present Mr Vikki’s ChilliMafia Competition

If you’ve never heard of Mr Vikki’s you’ve missed out and should immediately go and visit the website and buy things – lots of things. Mr Vikki’s style is that of Indian infused spicy products from the glorious Garlic Pickle to the supreme King Naga – every one of these hotties is skilfully hand-crafted and this is your opportunity to win some of them.

Never one to stand still, Mr Vikki’s has four new sauces in the ChilliMafia range coming to the online store and you could be sampling every one of them.


We have Capo Di Tutti, Piri Piri, The Jamaican Bonnet and the Bangkok Prik – in order to win these sauces you need to follow @Chillifiends and @MrVikkis on Twitter and post the link to this competition – you’ll also need to tell us why you deserve to win these sauces by filling in the form on this link.

The competition closes next Saturday, so get your imagination flowing and give us a reason to give you some hot sauce. Good luck.

Competition Update: Adam is also going to include an additional bonus item with the prize, his brand new Green Habanero Jam “Mr. Green” – a couple of people have tried the beta version:

It sounds very tasty indeed.

Dartmoor Chillli Farm’s Demon and Devil chilli chocolate review with video.

Review by Darth Naga

Happy spring chilli padawans! I know it’s still a bit chilly but spring is definitely coming. With spring comes Easter and with Easter comes chocolate eggs, right!? Well eggs are so passé these days, but there is a gift for that chillihead chocoholic in your life … as long as they like it HOT!

Today’s review product comes all the way from the Dartmoor chilli farm, an eco-friendly farm off the grid down in Dartmoor and run by Kay and Phil Palmer, and they make some damn good products, let me tell you! This is one such product.

Devil white chocolate ingredients: Cocoa mass 33%, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), Naga chillies 3% (blend of Dorset Naga, Bhut Jolokia and Bengel Naga) and vanilla

Demon Dark chocolate ingredients: Naga (4%) cocoa mass 55%, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), Naga chillies 4% (blend of Dorset Naga, Bhut Jolokia and Bengel Naga) and vanilla

So as you can see from the ingredients, we have a bar of white chocolate, and dark … I feel there is a milk bar missing, and after tasting these I definitely think a milk chocolate would go down a treat in some sort of “Terrifying chocolate Trifecta”, hell I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it sounds good! Anyway, these bars are covered in warnings and pictures of a devil and a demon just to try and get across how hot these are, and to be honest, I think they achieve that quite well!

As you can see in the video below, these two bars are nice weighty slabs, they are only 75G but they felt like 100G bars simply because they are literally nice, smooth slabs of chocolate, but they aren’t so thick as to not be able to snap them into bite-size pieces. Have a look at the video, then come back here and read the rest of the review, I’ll see you in a few mins …

So as you can see, as far as chilli chocolate goes, to quote Lisa: “It’s no Cadbury’s” and she’s right! There’s never been any chilli chocolate that I’ve found that has been both hot as heck, but also very tasty (some make them mild/medium and tasty, others add extract which just makes the choc taste rank) and as you’ve just watched, the white one alone made me hiccup and brought all three of us to tears!

If you want to buy this lava-like confectionary, then head on over to where you can pick up the “Devil” white chocolate for £2.75, or the “Demon” dark chocolate for £3 or you can also pick both up for a fiver! So that’s a billy bargain for any chillihead chocoholics out there and the perfect gift for the upcoming Easter thingy 😉

As a last comment, I’d like to thank both Simon and Lisa for joining me in this video, it’s been emotional.

Now, all good things must come to an end, so on that note, I’ll have to say it’s time for me to head back to my cave, have a good one chilli padawans, and may the sauce be with you, always!

Flavour 8/10
Heat 8/10
Packaging 7/10
Value 7/10
Overall 7.5/10

South Devon Chilli Farm Peppermint Chilli Chocolate Review

Review by David Kelly

Chilli and chocolate have been perfect partners for thousands of years, going back to the Aztec civilisation when Aztec warriors South Devon Chilli Farm Peppermint Chilli Chocolateconsumed a cacao and chilli drink as part of their military rations. So with the continued growth of the chocolate market (particularly higher quality artisan chocolate) and the UK chilli market, it’s no surprise that many UK chilli artisans have a selection of chilli chocolate. This chilli chocolate from South Devon Chilli Farm is one of a range of flavour chilli chocolate.

South Devon Chilli Farm (SDCF) based near Loddiswell in Devon has been around since around 2001 expanding their nursery over the years to include a chilli-themed farmshop and cafe. SDCF have focused on creating a network of retailers throughout the UK that stock their products, so many people are aware of their products although they’re not seen at many of the Chilli Festivals here in the UK that many other chilli artisans attend regularly.

Ingredients: Chocolate 98% (of which cocoa solids 60%, sugar, emulsifier, soya lecithin, flavouring: natural vanilla), dried chilli: 1%, peppermint oil 1%

Packaging is a combination of waxed lime green coloured paper (featuring product details & the SDCF logo) wrapped over a clear cellophane bag, allowing you to clearly see the contents therein. Inside the bag are several thin slabs of chocolate which from their uneven surface would appear to be hand finished rather than machine moulded. The slabs have a dull sheen to them and there is a pleasant fresh minty aroma from the peppermint oil (no artificial extract used here) mixed with the smell of cocoa, which makes for an excellent combination.

The chocolate has a good crisp snap when breaking a piece of chocolate off from one of the slabs for tasting.  Because the slabs are quite thin they melt more rapidly in the mouth that conventional sized chunk of chocolate and as a consequence of this, the cocoa & peppermint oil flavours are readily released. The peppermint oil invigorates the mouth and provides a momentary cooling effect before the warmth of the chilli begins to spread around. SDCF have used 60% cocoa and a natural vanilla flavour in the manufacture of this chocolate, this gives a nice dark chocolate flavour without being overly bitter in taste. This allows a smooth transition between cocoa & mint flavours without any residual bitterness that could be encountered with some higher 70-80% cocoa products.

Only 1% chilli powder is used in the chocolate and although the chilli type isn’t identified, with the peak / intensity of the heat lasting only fleetingly, it’s clearly a mild chilli powder. Given this I assume that this product is aimed at mass market appeal, rather than for those like a more serious kick. Nonetheless it’s still a nice tasting chocolate and a good after-dinner mint alternative to the ubiquitous After Eights™ for the more refined chillihead.

Available directly from the South Devon Chilli Farm website for £3.64 for a 100g bag – a weird price point I know but good value nonetheless.

Flavour 8/10
Heat 1/10
Packaging 6/10
Value 7/10
Overall 7/10